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Wish you could do more with your landscape? Want to look out your window and like what you see? At Martin Tree Service we create clean and beautiful spaces for you and your guests. Intentional tree care can radically improve the view of your landscape.

Whether your property has endangered trees or they are in need of seasonal trimming and pruning, the highly trained team at Martin Tree Service has you covered.

Receive expert results with Free Estimates, Professional Crews, No Hidden Fees and Excellent Customer Service.

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Specialty Tree Services Provided

Tree Trimming

Tree Removal

Tree Pruning

Cabling & Bracing

Stump Grinding

Preventative Care

What Is Our Process

We provide a free estimate. One of our tree experts will arrive to identify a plan of action for removing your tree. This will include addressing your needs as well as the needs of your landscape. Our tree expert will work with you to schedule a day for removal.

A team of trained associates will arrive with the necessary equipment to safely and efficiently remove the tree from your landscape. If it is unsafe to fell a tree whole, they will begin by removing the top of the tree, and lowering the top and branches in descending order. This is typically accomplished by a zipline system to ensure that no employee or landscape is damaged by falling limbs.

When the tree is trimmed of its branches, or trimming is unnecessary, our trained tree experts will use a rope system to direct the remaining trunk. This ensures that the trunk falls safely away from any employees or structures.

Finally, if the customer desires, a stump grinding unit will arrive to eliminate the remaining pieces of the tree.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.
We offer competitive pricing. Our expert tree associates work with excellence and efficiency. You don’t pay us until your project is completed to your satisfaction. Read our customer reviews to get a look at our excellent customer service!

When do I need tree removal?
Special Events. Tree service prepares your landscape for graduation, 4th of July, birthday and retirement parties. Tree and bush work can transform your landscape for visiting guests into a clean and inviting space. Need room for those big weddings and family reunions? Tree removal with Martin Tree Service tastefully creates space for your event!

Prioritize Safety. At Martin Tree Service, we love trees. The presence of trees adds beauty and benefits to a landscape. But we also recognize when trees are beyond help. Rotting, diseased or dead trees are dangerous. Why take the risk? At Martin Tree Service we have competent and knowledgeable tree experts who keep in mind the safety of our employees and your property. With our safety guidelines and innovative removal systems our first priority is safe tree removal.

Service Area
Martin Tree Service is located in Hartland, however we proudly serve the communities of Howell, Brighton, Pinckney, Fowlerville, and Hamburg.

Additional Services
We carry liability and workers compensation insurance, protecting you and our employees.

Emergency Tree Removal
Dead, rotting and even healthy trees can pose a risk to houses, vehicles and structures. Following thunderstorms, high winds, or heavy snowfall, fallen trees can cause extensive property damage. This can be overwhelming when daily responsibilities are hindered by inaccessible sheds or cars. Martin Tree Service is a swift solution with state of the art equipment and expert tree associates. Our trained experts will address your tree removal needs with care and efficiency to your structures and landscape. We can even provide temporary roof shelter.

Whether it is through visual appeal or tree safety, at Martin Tree Service we want to improve your view.

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