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Brighton is a fast growing suburb in the Detroit metro area, which happens to be a staple in Livingston County. Although the town has a population under 10,000 citizens, it has earned a reputation of being one of the most vibrant and trendy areas in southeast area of Michigan.

Martin Tree Service, LLC is a premier tree service company that proudly serves Brighton, Michigan. We are experts in tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, providing preventative tree care services along with offering emergency tree removal. While residential projects make up the majority of our work, we do offer a variety of commercial tree services for business owners in the greater Brighton area.

We would like to be your preferred tree service company in Brighton. We are proud to offer affordable arbor care solutions for your home or business, with each project being completed by our team of experienced tree care experts.

If you are in need of an expert opinion or assessment of your property, call us today at (517) 295-1155.

Tree Professionals

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming involves minor work to trees to trim minor branches to maintain natural shape or form. The removal of “vagrant” branches is included and usually it only involves a light pruning to the periphery of the tree. Tree trimming provides a healthy way to keep trees alive and striving. A tree may need trimming if it poses a safety hazard, such as being too close to a home or power line or containing dead or diseased branches stifling the growth of the tree.

Our team uses a variety of techniques to ensure the health of your trees. The techniques may include tree thinning, raising the canopy and overall shaping. Our team is educated to determine the most appropriate technique to use for the health of your property.

Tree Removal

There are several reasons that a tree may need to be removed from your property. Whether trees are causing an unsafe environment from encroaching or overhanging branches or your HOA is demanding your trees be removed, our team is here for you. Our team is experienced, educated, and committed to doing what is best for your property. Whether the trees of concern are out of place, overgrown or otherwise unwanted, our team will help to keep your property healthy and safe.

Martin Tree Service, LLC also provides emergency tree removal service to Brighton.

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As a trusted and respected tree service company in the Brighton area, the team at Martin Tree Service, LLC understands that a home is one of a family’s most prized and precious asset.

Whether your trees have caused damage to your property, or they are just in need of some care and attention to maintain health and longevity, hiring the right tree care company is critical. As homeowners, we understand the temptation to find a “cheap and quick” solution for your problem, however, as industry experts we highly recommend leaving any tree removal or tree felling to the pros.

Martin Tree Service, LLC can provide the absolute best service at an affordable rate. Residents in Brighton are assured of having peace of mind knowing that our team of experts take tremendous pride in delivering an exceptional experience for our customers.

Tree Services Offered

Tree Trimming

Tree Removal

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