Stump Grinding in Hartland

Let’s face it, tree stumps are an absolute eyesore, and they can also service as a silent threat to your lawn or property because of their are capable of hosting a variety of fungus and parasites. Stumps that remain in the ground for an extended period of time have higher likelihood of causing problems throughout your lawn.

Today, thanks to several innovative concepts in machinery, there are multiple ways to safely remove a tree stump. However, the safest, fastest, and most effective to remove a stump is by grinding the stump away. is to grind it away.

Homeowners in Hartland, Howell, Brighton, & Pinckney have two options for removing tree stumps:

1.) Visit the local Home Depot and rent a stump grinder and take on the challenge of a weekend DIY project.

2.) Call a professional tree service company like Martin Tree Service, LLC and hire a local company to come out and remove the stump.

Tree stump grinding is a highly specialized job that requires the correct equipment and expertise. Our professional, experienced team is comprised of experts in stump grinding, and we are equipped with industry leading machinery while prioritizing safety first on each project.

Martin Tree Service is the premier trusted resource for safe, fast, and complete stump grinding and removal services.

Receive expert results with Free Estimates, Professional Crews, No Hidden Fees and Excellent Customer Service.

Safety First

Our Number One Priority

We care about the health of your trees because we care about you. Tree health provides safety, for you and your family. Why take the risk?

Prioritize Safety
Stump grinding can be dangerous and we recommend that it be performed by professionals. At Martin Tree Service we have competent and knowledgeable tree experts who keep in mind the safety of our employees and your property. Rest assured that the care of your property and belongings are important to us. With our safety guidelines and innovative removal systems, our first priority is safe tree stump grinding.

Our tree experts are trained in safety and tree care and can assist you in any questions you may have. Our employees can provide tips to improve the health of your trees and shrubs. They can also share instruction for identifying risks to your landscape.

We provide a free estimate and look forward to assisting you in tree service needs. With a mind towards tree health, at Martin Tree Service we want to improve your view.

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