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During spring and summer months weather in Michigan can be brutal on trees. If your trees are damaged as a results of thunderstorms you should immediately seek help from professionals. We recommend keeping your family away from any trees that have severe damage. Trees are big and they can cause significant injury, which seems to be an obvious observation, however, each year many people are hurt attempting to remove large tree debris. So, stay away from trees that have broken limbs or damage. They are unstable and could cause injury or death as well as property damage. The entire situation needs to be assessed by a professional or certified arborist who has experience working with trees in dangerous situations.

Tree Services in Hartland, Howell, Brighton, & Pinckney

We Are Your Local Tree Specialist

Martin Tree Service works with people to help them restore their property after severe storms. These services can be things such as cutting off a broken limb or removing the tree off the house. It is done in a professional manner so that no further damage to the structure or surrounding structures occurs. Remember taking down a tree takes skill. You do not want the tree to land on a structure, car, animal or a human. Our experienced and skilled team is capable of landing any tree right where we want it. And, we have specialized tools that will lower the branches to the ground with ease.

Tree trimming and Emergency tree services are just some of the services we offer as well. Getting your trees trimmed and maintained can help prevent storm tree damage in the future. We are happy to come out and take a look at your trees. Trees that have branches that are overhanging buildings should be carefully maintained to ensure the branch does not land on the building. We can trim branches that are over the building without harming the building itself. Martin Tree Service is Livingston County’s preferred, professional tree trimming and removal company and we have several positive reviews that support that notion.

We are Ready to Take Immediate Action

When the storms hit, tree damage is inevitable and the time of day they hit isn’t always ideal. That’s why we offer 24-hour services for all your emergency tree service needs. We will come out and stabilize the situation as best we can until the storm rolls over. We have a mobilized crew that has everything in the vehicles and ready for the next challenge. If you have tree damage during a storm and want to ensure that no further damage is done, give us a call for immediate action.

Unstable trees should be avoided at all cost. Trees that have been uprooted and have broken branches could be damaged further as the storm persists. This is why leaving the area until the storm rolls over is recommended. Safety is our number one concern. We can tarp any gaping holes that were caused by the tree to prevent further water damage until the storm rolls over and decisions can be made. When you are in a situation with a tree leaning on your property, stress can be overwhelming. Our advice is to immediately contact a reputable tree company and remain calm as we tend to your situation.

Our storm damage team provides service in Howell, Brighton, Pinckney as well as other small towns in Livingston County.

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