DIY Tips To Remove a Tree Stump

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Tree stumps can be an eyesore and dangerous to have around the yard. To get the stump removed is the best solution, however, there are different methods of tree stump removal. Some of these methods work better for different types of stumps.

Option 1: Grinding the Stump

One of the quickest and most effective methods is grinding the stump. This will require a professional stump grinder which can be rented at various local hardware stores. This is a machine designed to grind down stumps to four to eight inches below the ground. The dirt can be placed on top and lawn can be planted. This is a very effective method and works great for multiple stumps as well. When considering this option please keep in mind that stump grinding machines are quite large and challenging to maneuver however when used properly they are very effective.

Pro Tip: When renting these machines keep in mind that many rentals have dull blades . We recommend hiring someone that has better equipment and experience just makes sense.

Option 2: UpRooting the Stump

Uprooting the stump is done by hand and it can be a huge process and should only be done with smaller trees. This process will require some sort of power to pull them on the stump such as a truck, tractor or lawn tractor. Using a pressure washer, wash away and debris the stump might have around the edges. Use an ax to cut the stump away from the former roots of the tree. Keep pulling on the tree stump with the machine and cutting as the roots are exposed.

Option 3: Kill the Tree Stump with Chemicals

Another option for removing a tree stump is to kill the tree stump with chemicals. This is a safe tactic that requires less manual labor while serving as an effective way of getting rid of the tree stump. To start, cut as much of the tree stump down to the ground and then drill holes in the stump. Then add Potassium nitrate to the holes to penetrate the wood. Let this sit for about four to six weeks until the liquid has time to saturate the stump. Once the stump has been sitting, take an ax to the soggy stump and break it up the best you can. To get even more stump out, add fuel oil or kerosene and wait another week. And, light it on fire, let it smolder until it goes out. This usually will burn below the grass line.

Option 4: Rot the Stump

Rotting the stump is similar to the above as it does not require excessive force for the removal of the stump. To begin this process first cut the stump down closest to the ground, then drill holes in the stump and fill them with a nitrogen substance. The final step of this process would be to pour water in each hole and chip off the various pieces as the stump rots.

Burn the Tree Stump

Once the tree has been removed and all the debris is gone, burning the tree stump can be a great option in getting rid of the tree stump. Drill holes in the stump and fill with Potassium nitrate and water. Then, add a small pile of wood on the top to start the fire with. All the wood to burn and chip away at it with a shovel or other tool.

Removing a stump typically can take an hour to up to several days depending on the method used. Each stump has different variables that should be considered. A large healthy stump, grinding is the best option. But, for smaller stumps or rotted older stumps, the other options are quite viable.

We hope you enjoyed this short list of tips with strategies on how to remove tree stumps. We encourage citizens across Livingston County to call a professional with any additional questions on tree and stump removal.

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