How to Hire Tree Service Company

8 Tips for Hiring The Best Tree Service Company

There are many tree service companies that have been started in Livingston County over the past few years. Unfortunately several of these companies have proven to be flight by night companies who no longer remain in business. After all, properly removing trees requires a measure of skill and knowledge. However, starting a tree service company does not require one to have a professional license, which is why we are Martin Tree Care encourage all customers to seek the help of certified arborist and/or certified tree care professionals.

Trees are heavy and potential dangerous objects. Of course we are stating the obvious here, however, for some reason, homeowner’s have a tendency to underestimate the amount of skill needed to trim branches or remove a tree. Amateurs who attempt to remove trees can create a very dangerous situation for the homeowner as well as other observers nearby.

Additionally, hiring a company that does not have the proper equipment and training will put your home or property at risk of permanent structural damage.

When seeking to hire a tree company how do you determine a professional tree expert from a phony? In this article we will outline a few tips for hiring the best tree care company in your area.

1. Ask for a copy of their insurance.
This should be something they can easily provide and it will show they are actually a real company. After all, nobody should be going around cutting down trees without being properly insured.

2. Ask if they have any certifications. Pro Tip: Ask to see a copy if possible.
There are a few companies that offer these certifications such as the ACRT Arborist Training, Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). If they are working around power lines they will need the proper approvals for the line-Clearance Arborists as well.

3. Does the estimate make sense?
A proper estimate should specifically state exactly what jobs or task the company will be performing? Also, ask for references or reviews from the last few months. Ensure everything is spelled out for you.

4. Speak to them about how they are going to approach your particular situation.
Every tree is different and often special equipment may be required to fulfill the job. A professional tree service will be able to give you a clear understanding of what it will take to remove the tree or tree limbs.

5. Grab your cell phone and take a few pictures of the area before the work has begun.
This will allow you to have evidence if something is destroyed in the future.

6. Ask how they plan to approach the tree and clear the mess.
There is a lot of debris from clearing a tree. Ensure they have a plan to clean that all up for you.

7. Does the company look professional?
Making a great first impressions is important, and if the company on your property does not provide you with assurance of their ability to complete the job, politely move on to the next company. It’s 2019 and thanks to Google you have several options.

8. Do they use proper personal protection gear?
Hard hats and other items are required by OSHA for protection. Ensure that your tree trimming company plans to use the required protection, as all reputable tree companies certainly would.

It is important to use professionals when hiring contractors for dangerous job such as tree trimming and clearing. Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you need to truly understand what will be taking place on your property.

Finding the right company for the job is important as your home is greatest asset .

We hope that that you find this list helpful and we invite you to contact Martin Tree Care with any of your residential or commercial property needs.

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